Alumni in Action

11 Mar 2024
Zellah Fuphe Alumni in Action
11 Mar 2024

Alumni in Action: supporting student access to mental health services at UCT

2024 marks the 3rd anniversary of the flagship Alumni in Action programme which was  established at the University of Cape Town by alumnus Zellah Fuphe. Alumni in Action extends the university’s ability to counter the psychological impact of gender-based violence, which for some survivors, negatively affects their academic performance and the quality of their social interactions. In 2023, our students accessed 128 counselling sessions. Help UCT extend these services:

  • Registered mental health professionals can sign-up to provide counselling sessions to UCT students.
  • Alumni and friends of UCT can sponsor counselling sessions for student survivors.

Please support Alumni in Action and help us scale vital mental health support services for students at UCT. Together, we are UCT. #UCTAlumInAction

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