The Food Sovereignty Programme

21 Feb 2024
The Food Sovereignty Programme
21 Feb 2024

At UCT, we understand the multidimensional nature of inequality in our society. We work hard to remove the barriers many talented students face in their journey toward becoming successful graduates who will become economically productive members of society. As is common in low-income settings, students are cutting back on the amount of money they are putting to food and toiletries in a bid to try to cover non-negotiable costs such as tuition and residence fees. This is causing growing student hunger and food insecurity on campus.

  • Many UCT students are reliant on financial aid or funding assistance.
  • In 2021, 35% of our undergraduates were on bursaries.
  • A growing number of undergraduate and postgraduate students are either unfunded or underfunded.
  • New restrictions on NSFAS funding have a direct impact on student success.
  • These students are the main recipients on the current food programme at UCT.

Since 2018, UCT has provided different food security support options, expanding the programme over the years. The underlying principles of the Food Sovereignty Programme are to promote dignity and agency through our interventions, to ensure the sustainability of the programme as an ethical imperative as well as to demonstrate ethical conduct in how we deliver the programme, relate to students and our partners and, how we work with donations.


If you live outside of South Africa and would like to claim tax relief for your donation, you can do so in the following countries: Canada, USA, UK, and Australia.

Support the UCT Food Sovereignty Programme and help eliminate food insecurity on campus

Nourishing young minds and bodies is vital. In 2022 and in the first half of 2023, UCT provided grocery packs each month and toiletries every second month. We need cash donations to expand the programme, ensuring that no UCT student goes hungry. Given the changes to NSFAS requirements, we expect the need to reach 1 000 students, per month in 2024.

Together, we are UCT

Your donation of R100 per month will provide a student with two days’ worth of food. A once-off donation of R1 570 will enable a student to eat for a month. Your donation will ensure the sustainability of the UCT Food Sovereignty programme and contribute to the dignity, well-being and success of all UCT students.