UCT YMCA launches alumni association

12 Feb 2024
12 Feb 2024

UCT’s YMCA (Y) launched an alumni association in August of 2023 with the intention of reconnecting its alumni with the UCT Y, and encouraging and inspiring them as they seek to live out their Christian faith in service to society.

The YMCA, or the Y as it is referred to at UCT, is an interdenominational Christian society that helps its members to integrate their faith with their studies and all of life – for the common good.

Dr Jim Gieser, director of advancement and spiritual formation at the Y, said the UCT YMCA Alumni Association also aims to inform alumni on present day happenings at the UCT Y and invites alumni to invest in the UCT Y and its students through financial and prayer support.

Anyone who spent even a single year involved in the Y community is considered a Y alumnus. If you were involved in the Y during your time at UCT, you are invited to participate in an online questionnaire. “It is a basic demographic survey that enables us to get a clearer idea of who our alumni are, where they are, and what professional area they work in,” said Gieser.  

Inclusion in the Alumni Association does not depend on completion of the survey. However, those who complete it will receive one to two additional alumni-focused emails each year and will be invited to an annual alumni-focused event held at the Y. “We also hope to link current students in specific disciplines with alumni who are presently working in those fields for input, advice and mentoring,” he explained.
“Y’ers of the past are involved in all areas of society in South Africa and beyond and, we hope, aim to love God and love their neighbours through the work that they do and through how they do it. A part of our mission is to promote human flourishing and the common good at UCT. We believe humans flourish most when grounded in Christ, and that Christ-followers are called to serve the good of society around them. The Alumni Association intends to support alumni as they endeavor to do just that.”
Current students are also welcome to visit the Y and get involved at any level they wish. It is located at the top of Stanley Road, just steps away from the M3 tunnel leading to Upper Campus and across the road from the Faculty of Law. The Y Hall is open Monday to Friday for study and rest, and free tea and instant coffee are always on offer. Also on offer are a variety of discussion groups, Bible studies and seminars examining the integration of Christian faith with learning and all of life. 
“As a non-profit, we cannot continue this work without the support of individuals coming alongside us both in prayer and financially. Whether or not an alumnus of the Y, we are eager to connect with anyone who desires to impact the next generation of students at UCT in the name of Christ,” added Gieser.

To get a sense of the current ministry at the Y, visit its website